Saturday, July 24, 2010

Microsoft cease and desist letter

Hello my name is Mick Rickinson, I'm a swedish java programmer. Over the last week Microsoft sent me a cease and desist letter, they complained that my domain name infringes on the Microsoft trademark and requested that I hand my domain over to them immediately or otherwise I could risk a lawsuit. I chose the domain name because my name is Mick and I write software, mostly in java.

However Microsoft refuses to help me setting up a new site. Meaning that I have to pay for the registration of a new domain. Currently no one can access my website and I'm losing money while the site is offline.

I have been the owner of this domain name for a year and I can understand why they are doing this, it is a site about Sun Java programming and Microsoft has its own .net platform which competes with Java. However I think Microsoft have been a bit harsh on this, refusing to offer any help at all!
So what do you think I should do about this?


  1. Hi Mick. Contact me at the following e-mail address:

  2. Mick,

    Can you please contact


  3. I think they should leave your site alone

  4. Don't they have better things to do